Renovo Hormone Pellets

renovo- [to renew, restore, repair, repeat]. 

Bio-identical Hormone Pellets

That is why we call our bio-identical pellets RENOVO. Pellets have been available in the US and abroad since 1938. Inserted under the skin, these natural pellets slowly release an even healthy level of hormones for months.

We offer hormone consultations for men and women. We have payment options and financing. Our patients tell us they are more affordable than prescriptions.

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Available for men and women





Sense of Wellbeing

 .... to name a few.

Science behind the pellets

Osteoporosis: Pellets increase bone density by 8.3% per year vs oral estrogen 1-2% per year Studd: AJOG.1990

Improved Lipid Parameters: Decreased Cholesterol, Decrease Triglycerides, Increased HDL Davis: Menopause Vol 7

No increase in thromotic activity Smith: British Med Journal.1993

Cardiovascular Benefits: Decrease death rate by increasing testosterone Circulation 2007

No increase in Prostate Cancer J of Urology Dec 2003, Intl Journal of Cancer 2004, J of National Cancer Inst. Feb 2008

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